About us

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C K Zipper established in 2009 in a modest way, C K Zipper introduced the concept of the leading zipper

Manufacture in India, with technical business experience in the packaging industry.

C K Zipper the brand name of our re-closable zipper, has many excellent characteristics suited to Zipper pouches and bags which are well regarded for their high quality and compatibility with pouch Making machines and F/F/S machines.

We offer high performance and innovative zippers of more than 100 grades, responding to a variety of applications. We also manufacture biodegradable zipper from PE & PP materials.

We are able to manufacture the highest quality biodegradable zippers for flexible packaging worldwide. Our biodegradable zippers are food safe. Our resalable zippers are suitable for application to a variety of substrate materials such as Co-extruded materials, Laminate structures, Polyethylene films, Polypropylene films Metallised films, and nylon blended PE films.

Our products are exported globally and offer many benefits.

Basic Information
Company Name: C K Zipper Pvt. Ltd.
 Office & Works : Plot No. 63, POR GIDC,
Dist- Vadorara,
Pin code-391243,
Gujarat State, India
 Phone no. : +91 9723539258,+91 9979235952,+91 9099911248
E-mail Address : info@ckzipper.com
Types of Business : Manufacture & Exporter
Products : PE & PP Zipper ProfilesPE & PP Biodegradable Zippers
Established : 2009
Zipper Profile Size : Min : 3 mm – Max : 40 mm
Our mission

Our Mission is to meet our customer’s needs with the best products, workmanship and systems design at a fair and, competitive price. We value the importance of our relationships and will continue to remain fair and true in our dealings with all clients, vendors and partners. We consistently improve the quality of our product to add value for clients through innovation, foresight, integrity and aggressive performance and to serve with character and purpose that brings honor to god.

Our Strengths

We are able to set new benchmarks for our competitors owing to the following reasons:
• Highly qualified and experienced staff at all operating levels
• Quality range of zipper
• Use of high quality machinery
• Competitive pricing
• Timely delivery against orders